Yoroi - Ferro fundido, Seda - Japans Samurai Armor Yoroi Taisho periode - Japão - século XIX

Yoroi - Ferro fundido, Seda - Japans Samurai Armor Yoroi Taisho periode - Japão - século XIX
Muito bom estado, veja descrição - 168×50×168 cm

Very impressive Japanese samurai armour (yoroi) from the Taisho period.
The details are truly stunning and authentic – a yoroi to cherish.
The appearance of this yoroi makes it a must-have for the true enthusiast.
This yoroi is utterly complete, it even still has its nodowa (neck guard) and the shoes.
Genuinely magnificent armour, beautiful to behold and rarely seen.
The details, such as the kabuto (with a dragon carved from wood), are very special indeed.
Also note the gorgeous colours and the sode and do, truly amazingly beautiful.

The details are authentic and original, the used materials of perfect quality.
The armour comes from Tonaki, Japan, where it has been stalled for decades. That one parts ways with it is a rare occurrence.
This Japanese samurai yoroi armour was worn by the samurai, and this has left its traces of use which, in my opinion, really are supposed to be there.
There are a couple of minor restorations and some rust; the general condition is very good.  Also the colours of this armour are the traditional orange with gold tones, finished with leather, metal and silk. The kabuto features particularly beautiful details and is very solid, and this really makes the difference.  It is ideally suited for at home or in your dojo or company.
Perhaps this Japanese samurai yoroi armour will be your next acquisition. After all, it symbolises courage and protection! Naturally, it comes complete with stand and wooden weapon chest in original condition.
Taisho-period yoroi, a must-have for the enthusiast.
Height: 168 cm.
Weight: 17 kg.

Detalhes do lote
Ferro fundido, Seda
século XIX
Região/País de origem
Título da obra de arte
Japans Samurai Armor Yoroi Taisho periode
Muito bom estado, veja descrição
168×50×168 cm
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