Isidre Odena Daura (1910-2008) - Paisaje nevado

Isidre Odena Daura (1910-2008) - Paisaje nevado
Óleo sobre tela - Assinado à mão - c.1960

Signed at the bottom by the artist (i. Odena)

The painting is unframed

In good condition

Dimensions of the work: 50 x 61 cm.

Isidro Òdena y Daura was born on the 4th of January 1910, in the San Pedro de Terrassa neighbourhood and he was baptised in its Romanesque church with the names of Isidro, Juan and José.

At the age of thirteen he registered in the Escuela de Artes y Oficios under the direction of master Tomás Viver.

A few years later, he alternated his studies in La Llotja in Barcelona with the scenographer Alarma’s workshop, and under Maestro Cabanes’ direction.

In 1927, he rented a large studio in an attic which had previously been painter Joaquim Vancell’s studio. However, soon after, he handed it over to a series of friends, all of them painters, and they formed the association ‘Amigos de las Artes’.

At the age of 18, he already exhibited his paintings in his home town and also in Vic, Mataró, Figueres, Perpignan, etc.

In 1931, he obtained a pension from Terrasa’s city hall in order to spend some time in Paris and Belgium, notably in Bruges, where he revelled in painting the idyllic canals of this city (the Venice of the North).
In Paris, he met -among others- Pablo Planas, Torres García, Julio González, Mompou, y the poet Joseph Riviere, the lawyer Henry Torres, etc.

After finishing his military service, he kept on painting. He also did engravings on wood and linoleum, being the illustration of the (legend of the Sant Llorenç del Munt dragon) about a poem by the poet Pons, his most popular painting. This painting was signed with the name Sidru.

He has exhibited his works several times in Barcelona and in other places in Catalonia. Also in Valencia, Zaragoza, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and London, where he spent long periods.

He also dedicated himself to the genre of small paintings. This was highly appreciated by foreign customers, in particular market subjects in Vic’s square’ distributed all over the world.

He also took part in a contest to fill several drawing teacher positions for applied works in the primary schools of the Generalitat. He obtained a position in his own city.

He exhibited his works in Amigos de las Artes, in Terrassa. When it was visited by the great Francesc Macià, he wrote the following in the book of honour:
“My spirit has taken off on receiving the impression that have produced on me the artistic works of the young painter Isidre Òdena.”

Detalhes do lote
Pintura / Quadro
Isidre Odena Daura (1910-2008)
Título da obra de arte
Paisaje nevado
Óleo sobre tela
Assinado à mão
Dimensões totais
50×61×2 cm
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