Luristão Bronze Um animal mitológico Luristan L: 4,6 cm - (1)

Luristão Bronze Um animal mitológico Luristan L: 4,6 cm - (1)
1st millennium BC

Mythological animal
1st millennium BC
Lenght 4.6 cm

Provenance: Private collection, London, 1980.

CONDITION: Good condition.


At the beginning of the first millennium BC the inhabitants of the mountainous regions of western Iran, the region known as Luristan, created an amazing variety of bronze objects including arms, standards, jewellery, decorations for horses, bowls and dishes. The majority have been recovered in burial contexts.

The nature of the society which produced these artefacts, as well as the language and the political organization is not known to us, although it is believed that the society was for the most part nomadic. The use of these standards is not clear but it seems significant that the few existing examples of this type have been found in tombs.


- MAHBOUBIAN, Haushang. Art of Ancient Iran, copper and bronze. 1997.


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Detalhes do lote
Período cultural
Número de objetos
Um animal mitológico Luristan L: 4,6 cm
Século/ Período de tempo
1st millennium BC
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