FN - Fabrique Nationale “modelle avec chaine” - Bicicleta de estrada - 1922

FN - Fabrique Nationale “modelle avec chaine” - Bicicleta de estrada - 1922
Totalmente restaurado

Antique FN bicycle from 1922

F.N. (Fabrique Nationale de Herstal)
is a Belgian weapon’s factory and famous for its guns, motorcycles, cars and bicycles.

The most famous bikes they made were chainless bikes, however they also produced a small numbers of “chained bicycles” or, as they were called in the catalogue, “modelle avec chaine”
Nowadays, a bicycle like this is a very rare survivor. This bicycle was completely restored with beautiful new black paint and new white tyres, various components have been re-nickelled.

The bike is extremely original, the typical handlebars without expended bolt is typical for FN and the fork, headset and mudguards are 100% original.
The details can be compared with various other models that can be seen online.

The rear dropouts are also only seen on the FN chained models.

The bicycle is fully restored and fully rideable.

Packaged with great care for professional shipping.
Location: Bissegem, Belgium.

Detalhes do lote
Categoria da bicicleta
Bicicleta de estrada
Fabrique Nationale “modelle avec chaine”
Ano de Fabrico
Localizado em
Totalmente restaurado
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