Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778) e Giuseppe Vasi (1710 - 1782) - "Veduta del Foro Romano" 1741-1743

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778) e Giuseppe Vasi (1710 - 1782) - "Veduta del Foro Romano" 1741-1743
Gravura a água forte - Placa assinada - Ed. 1810 - Con certificato d’autenticità

Sharp priny of Campo Vaccino in all its magnificence.
Animated scene with wanderers, shepherds with herds and some ladies walking.

Campo Vaccino was the name given in the 16th-18th century to the suburban area of the ancient Fori Imperiali in Rome.

The area was used as a pasture and cattle market, but also to stroll and meet up.
It was surrounded by churches and full of ruins of ancient monuments.

The name "Campo Vaccino", attested for the first time in a papal bull of Pope Sixtus V of 1589, derives from the market of cows that was held there, regulated by the "governor of the customs of Campo Vaccino".
The archaeological and historical rediscovery of the ancient Forum during the 19th century, saw the end of use as pasture.

Inscription (on bottom centre):
Parte di Campo vaccino/ 1. Colonne antiche 2. Chiesa di S.lorenzo in Miranda 3. Chiesa e Convento de SS. Cosimo e Damiano 4 Chiesa di S.Maria Nuova 5 Antico tempio della Pace 6 Arco di Tito

Vasi Giuseppe (designer); Piranesi, Giovanni Battista (engraver) 1741-1743.

Print of the first period, when young Piranesi was a student of Vasi.
By now their controversy on how to engrave plates is legendary, Vasi’s architectural method and Piranesi’s impetuous and ‘pictorial’ method.

In very good condition with good margins.
Slight traces of foxing.
ed. 1810

With certificate of authenticity.

Detalhes do lote
Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778) e Giuseppe Vasi (1710 - 1782)
Título da obra de arte
"Veduta del Foro Romano" 1741-1743
Ed. 1810 - Con certificato d’autenticità
Gravura a água forte
Placa assinada
Em muito bom estado
Dimensões totais
1×290×400 mm
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