Statue de reine - Madeira - Costa do Marfim - meados do século XX

Statue de reine - Madeira - Costa do Marfim - meados do século XX

African Figurine/Fetish in wood from the Baule ethnic group of Ivory Coast

Collected in the region of Bouaké in Ivory Coast -

Statuette representing a queen. “Waka-Sona” Fetish (wooden being in Baule) representing a queen.

Marvellous statuette with a smooth face full of serenity, well-proportioned, with a beard and a finely braided hairstyle.

The Baule are one of the most important ethnic groups of Ivory Coast. Their name reflects their origin: according to a legend, Queen Abla Pokou led her people in exodus to the gold mines regions, during the 18th century; she had to sacrifice her son to the god of a river, in order for them to be able to cross it. The people were therefore named the "Bauli", meaning "the son is dead".

Baule artists created many artworks. They have produced some creations that are among the most elegant objects of African art.

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Detalhes do lote
meados do século XX
Região / País
Costa do Marfim
49.5×10×9.5 cm
Statue de reine
Grupo étnico / cultura
1 kg
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