Joan de Palau i Buxó (1919 - 1991) - Lago de Bañolas (Gerona)

Joan de Palau i Buxó (1919 - 1991) - Lago de Bañolas (Gerona)
Guache - Assinado à mão - c.1950

The painting is signed by the author at the bottom (Juan de Palau)

The painting is framed (the frame presents signs of usage and I suggest it should be changed)

The painting is in good condition.

Dimensions of the painting: 36 cm height x 76 cm width

Dimensions of the frame: 55 cm height x 89 cm width


Biography of Joan de Palau

Joan de Palau y Buxó was born in Flaçà in 1919, but soon the family moved to Aranjuez where they remained until shortly before the Civil War, when they returned to Catalonia.

After the war he lived for some time in Barcelona and Badalona until the early 1940s, when he moved to Banyoles, where his grandfather had been a notary and where he would transfer in 1991.

The first exhibition of his works came to light in 1944, and it was held in the Sala Syra, in Barcelona. After this, followed exhibitions in Barcelona, Granollers, Badalona, Mataró, Girona, Figueres, Olot, Banyoles, Valencia, Mallorca city, Caracas, Bogotá...

As a painter he obtained different awards, the Ciutat de Granollers, the Medal of Badalona, and he participated in different exhibitions (Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes, III Bienal Hispano-Americana de Barcelona…)

His work is part of the important art galleries of the Diputaciones of Barcelona and Girona, of the Badalona and Banyoles city halls, of the Museum of Nottingham, of the UNESCO delegation in Montreal, and Vatican city...) A declared landscape painter, he stood out for his landscapes of l'Estany and the Plaza Mayor of Banyoles, and the rest of the villages of the region.
Fully involved in the cultural atmosphere of the city, he was a member of the Patronato de l’Estany and he collaborated in different local publications for which he made illustrations, as well as for different books. He worked as an art critic for the magazine ‘Horizonte’ signing with the pseudonym "hair of marta". He also worked as a stage designer and carried out theatre sets. He founded his own painting training workshop in Banyoles, which still exists today and is managed by his children.
Six years after his death, the municipal plenary of April 28, 1997 agreed to give his name to the belvedere located in the the Monte Colomer, a place from where one can see the pond he so often painted and of which he himself said in 1982 , in an article in this same magazine: "... in Banyoles and in the pond the light is diffuse, without very light-dark. In the pond the light is tender, like a glass a little tarnished, especially in autumn and winter, with dim, low mist. Then the pond is soaked in a mystery that encourages intimacy. It is at this moment that I reacquaint with myself..."

Detalhes do lote
Joan de Palau i Buxó (1919 - 1991)
Título da obra de arte
Lago de Bañolas (Gerona)
Assinado à mão
Em bom estado
Venda com moldura
Tamanho da imagem
36×76 cm
Dimensões totais
55×89×3 cm
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