Figura rara de fetiche em miniatura - Teke - RDC do Congo - Primeira metade do século XX

Figura rara de fetiche em miniatura - Teke - RDC do Congo - Primeira metade do século XX
1.ª metade do século XX - Vintage - foi utilizado - com sinais óbvios de desgaste

Height: 15.5 cm; 6.1 inches.
Provenance: private collection, Belgium - Information shall be provided to the buyer, upon request.
Lot Essay and Expertise of the Gaunt Tribal Art Gallery, United Kingdom, ref SQ3464702.
Dating: The 1940s.

Wooden figurine of a man, the hair is pulled up on the summit of the head, forming a hairdo in the shape of a pointy bonnet. The face is characterised by wide almond-shaped eyes, half-closed and extending on the face. The nose is large and flat, the mouth is open and lowered by an angle-shaped beard. The thick neck lays on little shoulders; The short arms are folded at the elbows, the hands are placed near the stomach. The body is stocky and presents a big belly in the centre of which is placed a cavity, closed by a triangular piece of glass. The short legs are bent at the level of the knees. Mounted on a custom-made stand.

Among the Teke, fetish figurines generally have a cavity on the chest or are surrounded with protective magical substances, named Bilongo. Those containing Bilongo in the chest, present a cavity that is sealed with glass, which protects the substances both on a physical and spiritual level. We believe that the magical substances confer power to the fetish figurine and enable the devotee to interact with a spirit (nkisi).

Shipment within 24 working hours.
Track & trace included.
With acknowledgement of receipt.

Tags: mask, figurine, sculpture, figure, statuette, wood, art, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, Dogon, contemporary, first, primitive, tribal, African, antiquity, artwork, gallery, Picasso, Giacometti, art gallery, African art, cubism.

Detalhes do lote
Primeira metade do século XX
Região / País
RDC do Congo
Muito bom estado, veja descrição
15×0×0 cm
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