His masters voice - Onbekend - Gramofone 78 rpm

His masters voice - Onbekend - Gramofone 78 rpm
Muito bom - Número de artigos: 1 - Incluindo: Gramofone 78 rpm - Pratos 1x

Beautiful and well working gramophone player. Weighs no less than 17.5 kg, and is 50 cm deep, 42 wide and 37 high.

The cabinet has a lot of nice details and decorations. Like the legs, the downwards bending curvature in the wood on the sides, the doors that open and close which is in fact a volume control, etc. The speed control by means of a dial and a needle that indicates the speed also work well.
The model could not be discerned, also not from the diagram at the bottom on the inside. There is a tag with the name of the dealer, I believe:
Hime & Addison, 135 & 197 Deansgate, Mancester.

Really a beautiful item, which brings you back in time with the classical music...!!!

PLEASE NOTE, considering the dimensions, but mainly the weight, ONLY shipping within Europe is possible. If your address is outside of Europe, you need to take care of transport yourself.

Detalhes do lote
His masters voice
Vários modelos
Tipo de equipamento
Gramofone 78 rpm
Muito bom
N.º de itens
Pratos 1x
N.º de série
Year of Manufacturing
10 kg
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