Coleção de botões medievais - grande variedade - (95) - Bronze-cobre-prata e folha de ouro

Coleção de botões medievais - grande variedade - (95) - Bronze-cobre-prata e folha de ouro
Europa - século XVIII

Beautiful and great lot of 95 buttons from between the 15th and 18th centuries. Due to their diversity, engravings and great condition, they are ideal to start or continue a collection.

Some of the types:

Spanish shield in different variants with irradiated lines.

Busts of Isabella II and Ferdinand VII of Spain

Vegetable motifs with bevelled plant variants or with multiple engravings and bevelled flowers.
Four-petals engraved with old punch technique and others featuring 5 and 6 vertex.

5-petal motif with separate petals or leaves.

5-pointed stars included, etc.

Many of the buttons made using the old punch engraving technique.

Material: bronze, copper, silver.
Dimensions - 4 - 24 mm approximately

Great collection and variety for lovers of buttons; a great lot in very good condition.

This lot was professionally cleaned to highlight the beauty of the engravings.

See the photos, which are part of the description.

Registered shipping and with tracking number.

Purchased by the current owner in 2020, from an old art and archaeology private collection in Spain, acquired for my personal collection.

The seller can prove that the lot was legally acquired. Documents seen by Catawiki.

The seller will take care of all necessary permits, such as an export license.

Important information:
The seller guarantees that he has the right to send this lot.
The seller will inform the buyer if this takes more than a few days.

Detalhes do lote
N.º de artigos
Coleção de botões medievais - grande variedade -
Bronze-cobre-prata e folha de ouro
Período estimado
século XVIII
País de origem
Bom estado - usado com pequenos sinais de envelhecimento e manchas
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