papel de presse - Madeira petrificada

papel de presse - Madeira petrificada
Indonésia - Desconhecido

Petrified Wood is a Fossil of a (piece of) tree that originated because trees fell over and were covered under a layer of soil or sand. Often due to a natural disaster. The colors you see in Petrified Wood depend on the Minerals in the soil or sand. Each mineral creates its own color. The process of '' petrification '' ensures that all characteristics such as knots, bark and annual rings of the wood are preserved.

We send our Petrified Wood very well packed with track and trace. If you win several things at the auction, we can often combine them so that you save on your shipping costs. This is entirely dependent on the total weight. Please contact us for this. Evt. Of course, we will pay you back overpaid costs too much.

Detalhes do lote
papel de presse
Madeira petrificada
Período estimado
País de origem
Como novo - não foi utilizado
8×9×6 cm
2200 g
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