Império Romano - AR Denarius, Octavian, 29-27 BC. Brundisium or Rome - Prata

Império Romano - AR Denarius, Octavian, 29-27 BC. Brundisium or Rome - Prata

Octavian, 29-27 BC. Denarius (Silver, 20.5 mm, 3.84 g, 8 h), Brundisium or Rome.

Obv.: Bare head of Octavian to right.

Rev. IMP - CAESAR Military trophy, with armor and weapons above and rudder and anchor in saltire below, on prow of galley.

BN 57. BMC 625. Cohen 119. CRI 419. RIC² 265a.

With an attractive old cabinet tone, a very pleasant example. Extremely fine.

From a Swiss collection, ex Gadoury, 16 November 2018, 42.

It is about the legacy of Caesar: who will rule Rome? Marcus Antonius or Octavian? In front of Actium it comes to the decisive sea battle between the opponents. Although numerical underneath, Octavian, later better known as Augustus, managed to beat Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra's fleet in a bloody naval battle. The Roman civil war was largely decided after the battle of Actium, Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra fled to Egypt. In celebration and demonstration of this magnificent victory, which he owed to his clever commander Agrippa, Augustus strucked this rare coin. This coin is a witness of this triumph and had a signal effect throughout the Roman Empire.

Detalhes do lote
Império Romano
AR Denarius,
Ano / Período e Variação
Octavian, 29-27 BC. Brundisium or Rome
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