Livros - Roadster Z1 - BMW

Livros - Roadster Z1 - BMW
1 artigos - 2×31×25 cm - Livro original

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The planning and execution of this project was
in the hands of the BMW subsidiary BMW Technik GmbH

In particular, Ulrich Bez and designer
Harm Lagaay. From 1989 until 1991,
exactly 8,000 copies of the Z1 were built as a limited series.

The following innovations were integrated into this
production car:
- The doors could be lowered into the
side sills by means of a chain drive. This allowed
open-door driving without impairing the stability
of the bodywork. - The car had a front mid-engine,
which provided an ideal weight distribution between the front
and rear axle.

- The steel plate chassis was hot-dip galvanized. The
batch galvanising of the complete, finished chassis
resulted in a considerable extension of the
car’s durability. In addition, batch galvanising also increased
torsion stiffness compared to an
ungalvanised or pre-galvanised metal chassis
by 25 %. - The car had thermoplastic bodywork elements
(side walls, doors, sills and bumpers),
which were screwed on to the chassis.

This was done in order to reduce the work effort during repairs.
- Lids/covers (bonnet, convertible hood cover and tailgate) made of GFRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic).
- Optimised aerodynamics due to smooth underbody and
a muffler with wing profile.

- The complete bottom is made of fibre-reinforced
sandwich material, which is glued into the chassis
and additionally screwed on. - The car has a newly designed
rear axle construction, which was also
integrated into the subsequent large-scale production of the
E36 series. Versions
- In order to keep costs
within a limit, large-scale production parts were used
for the drive technology.

- Despite having a power of only 125 kW (170 hp), the motorisation of the Z1 was good,
its low weight and its elaborate
chassis allowed high cornering speeds.

The Z1 only existed in one model version,
the cars only differed in the colour
of their bodywork (initially “Toprot”/red, “Fungelb”/yellow, “Urgrün”/green,
“Traumschwarz”/black - and later also “Purblau”/blue and “Magicviolett”/purple)
and the colour of the interior (dark grey, light grey, yellow, red).

Author = Jürgen Lewandowski
Text = German
Number of pages = 150
Size = 25 x 31 x 2 cm

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Roadster Z1
Livro original
2×31×25 cm
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