Prof. Alfredo Santarelli - Gualdo Tadino - Prato de cerâmica pintado em ouro (1) - Cerâmica

Prof. Alfredo Santarelli - Gualdo Tadino - Prato de cerâmica pintado em ouro (1) - Cerâmica
Itália - 1920-1949

In Gualdo Tadino, where in the 12th century the furnaces of Francesco Biagioli known as Monina stood, Alfredo Santarelli founded in 1900 a laboratory without a furnace in which, besides training new workers, he made ceramics that he cooked in an external oven.
In 1907 and 1912 the manufacture obtained a Cup of Honor and a Grand Prize in Perugia and in 1908, it won the gold medal in Gubbio.
From the early years of the 20th century, some important artefacts of the company bear, in addition to the logo of the manufacture itself, the word "Ronconi" within a triangle, as a distribution logo for foreign sales.
In 1921, helped by his wife Eleonora Sergiacomi and his son Vittorugo, Santarelli enlarged the factory, equipping it with modern equipments, and opened a free school of ‘design applied to the decoration of ceramics’.
In 1926 the manufacture joined the "Italian Majolica Artistic Consortium" to which it remained linked until 1933.
Between 1929 and 1930 the sculptor Enrico Cagianelli collaborated with the manufacture.
In 1940 Alfredo Santarelli, while continuing production, left the management of the company to his son.
In the 1940s, in addition to producing metal lustre ceramics of ancient tradition, the company started a modern-style production, inspired by the decorative line of nearby Deruta.
In 1953 the manufacture was taken over by the Derutese ceramist Cesare Teobaldo Pimpinelli and Alfredo Santarelli, with the help of his son and Ezio Rondelli, founded a company called "Ceramiche di Gualdo e Deruta Prof. A. Santarelli" which remained active until 1955.
In 1955 the new manufacture, which was based in via Monina 11 in Gualdo Tadino, was also taken over by Pimpinelli.
The production marks were in gold or ruby red from 1900 to 1921 and subsequently blue.

Dimensions: 33x33 cm.
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Prato de cerâmica pintado em ouro
Prof. Alfredo Santarelli
Gualdo Tadino
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