Estátua(s) - Madeira, Vidro - Congo

Estátua(s) - Madeira, Vidro - Congo
2.ª metade do século XX - excelente estado

Nkishi Kongo Fetish Figurine
Tribal figurine consecrated by the priest, the Nganga, it contains magical load inserted in the abdominal cavity, closed with mirror. The load or Bilongo is composed of diverse ingredients from natural environment, such as red clay, powder of red wood, tukula, and white clay, pembe, and eventually with human fragments, such as teeth, nails and hair. Hence, this conjuration fetish is supposed to influence health, prosperity, and the enemies of its owner. The very realistic mouth of this expressive face shows the teeth. The truncated arms are spread from the bust in a parallel way, and the lower limbs are placed on large feet. The headgear is characteristic of the statuary of the Bémbé, the Yombé and other tribes of the Kongo group. Dark patina with a satin feel. Among the Kongo, the Nganga was the person responsible of the rituals, by activating a spiritual force with a Nkisi (plural, Minkisi). The word Nkisi was then used to refer to the notions of “sacred” or "divine". These protection fetishes destined to homes, are among the most sought after in Africa. The Nkisi plays the role of medium between gods and men, it is a true stronghold against illness and evil curses.

Detalhes do lote
Madeira, Vidro
2.ª metade do século XX
excelente estado
Vendido com suporte
37×14×6 cm
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