Cubos de metal - Bronze e latão

Cubos de metal - Bronze e latão
Espanha - 2020

This set includes 2 fantastic bronze and brass cubes of 1st quality. Extremely polished and with main figures engraved of each mretal on one of its faces. Slightly chamfered edges and corners.

------------------- SPECIFICATIONS ---------------------------

➪ MEASURES AND WEIGHT: 40 x 40 x 40 mm (1.57 ”) cubes. The corners are slightly chamfered to avoid being sharp, but pleasant to the touch and sight.
★ BRONZE:. 564 grams (approx. 18 ounces).
★ BRASS: 533 grams (approx. 17 ounces).

★ “BRONZE”: Weight “18 OUNCES” / Melting point: “1083 ℃” / Density “8.5g / cc” / Composition “Cu 93.5% - Sn 6.5%”.
★ “BRASS”: Weight “17 OUNCES” / Melting point: 940 ℃ ” / Density“ 7.8 / cc ” / Composition“ Cu 61% - Zn 37% - Pb 2% ”.

➪ PACKAGING AND SHIPPING: The cubes are shipped without bases and other decorative elements shown in some of the photos. Each cube is potected in a soft white plastic bag, to avoid scratches, stains, etc.

➪ PRECAUTIONS: we recommend handling with gloves or some kind of soft material, since the cubes are extremely polished and bright. The striking “mirror effect” of the metal could be reduced by fingerprints, hand grease, dirt, dust, etc.

Detalhes do lote
Cubos de metal
Bronze e latão
Período estimado
País de origem
Como novo - não foi utilizado
40×40×40 mm
35 oz
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