Encobrir simplificado - Cerâmica, Cobre

Encobrir simplificado - Cerâmica, Cobre
Provavelmente os Países Baixos - Segunda metade do século XIX

An extinguishing pot of copper, with brass lines.

The lid is equipped with a ceramic knob. The handle is attached to the two sides with decorations.

There are a number of small dents, not conspicuous or distracting.

Originally, an extinguishing pot was a pot that contained smouldering coal. Because the pot is airtight, the oxygen supply is cut off quickly and stops further burning. The remnants of the coal could be used again.
These days nice to keep your personal belongings.

There's a saying: Cover something up (lit: put something in the extinguishing pot)
Avoid a sensitive subject and never bring it up again.

See pictures for a clear view of the condition.

Total height: 43 cm
Height: (without handle): 38 cm
Diameter opening top 17 cm
Diameter bottom 27 cm.

Weight 3 kg

Happy bidding.

Detalhes do lote
Encobrir simplificado
Cerâmica, Cobre
Período estimado
Segunda metade do século XIX
País de origem
Provavelmente os Países Baixos
Bom estado - usado com pequenos sinais de envelhecimento e manchas
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