Claire Astaix - Pensive

Claire Astaix - Pensive
Litografia - Assinado à mão - Ea

Claire Astaix (1953 -)
Chromolithograph - Justified - Signed
Size: 75.5 x 55.5 cm
Numbered in pencil: EA
Hand-signed in pencil by the artist.
In very good condition. There may be some defects in the margin.
Shipped with international track & trace.

In her early days, this young artist is seen as "an adult who paints with child's eyes" (excerpt from ‘La voix du nord’).
This title was used by the regional media to echo her exhibitions.
Indeed, dreams, simplicity, sweetness and innocence characterize her works.

While Claire Astaix has been living on her painting for almost two years and she multiplied exhibitions in France, she is contacted by a Japanese publisher who offers her a contract.
Indeed, this connoisseur noticed this young artist’s talent during a lithography competition she took part. She was soon quickly propelled to another continent: Japan.

In 1985 Claire made her first exhibition at the "Ginza Washington Art" gallery in Tokyo, then followed up with other exhibitions throughout Japan, notably in Hirochima, Sendai and Kyoto.
Her success was immediate, her rating rose, Claire quickly established herself in the Japanese market.
She regularly exhibits at the Spring department store in Tokyo's Ginza district, which has spaces dedicated for artworks, as well as in the Department Stores Sogo, Mitsukoshi and many others with space dedicated to art galleries.

In 1986, Claire Astaix signed an exclusive contract with a Japanese magazine Kurashi-no-tetcho, awarding her the first cover for 100 issues.
This newspaper presented one of her paintings every two months for 14 years.
“Claire's prints”

In 1988, Claire is contacted by a publisher who offers her a contract.
Over the past five years she produced some sixty lithographic editions numbered out of 250 copies each.

Since then, Claire has always remained attached to this technique.
She particularly likes monotypes.

Detalhes do lote
Claire Astaix
Título da obra de arte
Assinado à mão
Tamanho da imagem
59×49 cm
Dimensões totais
75×55×75 cm
Vendido com moldura
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