Jacopo Maria Della Valle - My name is Rabìa

Jacopo Maria Della Valle - My name is Rabìa
Impressão digital - Assinado, Selo do artista - # 2/25 - 2019

Brand new.

Digital FineArt print on 265g Baritata paper.

Copy no. 2/25.

The Jat people are the most shy and reserved of the ethnic groups I met in the Kutch desert, Gujarat. They are nomadic shepherds of Muslim religion, who live raising cattle and camels. The women of this tribe wear a characteristic nose ring, tied to a thread of black cloth that is anchored to the hair, under their veil. The ring begins to be worn from marriage and therefore characterizes married women.

Jacopo Maria Della Valle was born in Rome in 1979 and graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts with the highest distinction.
Travel Photographer Freelance, he traveled to Europe, the USA, Cuba and Africa before beginning his reportages in Asia.
Fascinated by Asian culture, he embarked on long journeys to discover the different ethnic minorities that still survive globalization.

He joined the Atlas of Humanity project and thanks to his latest work in Ladakh he was selected for the Atlas of Humanity International Exhibition held in Paris.

Detalhes do lote
Jacopo Maria Della Valle
Título da obra de arte
My name is Rabìa
Impressão digital
# 2/25
Assinado, Selo do artista
Data de impressão
Tamanho da imagem
28×41 cm
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