François Pohu-Lefèvre (1948) - Je vous salis ma rue

François Pohu-Lefèvre (1948) - Je vous salis ma rue
C-Print, Fotografia plástica - Assinado - 2018

François Pohu-Lefèvre was born in 1948 in France. To him, photography is no longer a simple reproduction of reality, it rather becomes an artistic project that uses digital art tools. His work led him to explore in a new original way the theme of urban waste, carelessly neglected and trampled with disconcerting nonchalance. He tries to bring out the unexpected beauty of objects we usually find insignificant and ugly. The artist follows the Realism school of thought, which suggests to see beyond appearance.
The photograph is authenticated on the back with date and artist signature.

Detalhes do lote
François Pohu-Lefèvre (1948)
Título da obra de arte
Je vous salis ma rue
C-Print, Fotografia plástica
Data de impressão
Tamanho da imagem
45×60 cm
Dimensões totais
51×1×60.5 cm
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