Captain Niglo - Hope Street

Captain Niglo - Hope Street
Acrílico sobre tela - Assinado à mão - 2020

Canvas 120 x 40 cm
Spray paint, brush acrylic and paint marker
Titled: Hope Street
Signed: Captain Niglo
Siren 824382022
Studio Expo Graff Street Art and Tattoo 16 rue Jean Noizet 08130 Attigny

Captain Niglo Némar was born in Reims in 1982. Passionate about tag and graffiti since 1998, it was in 1999 that he came out with markers in his pocket. Then, in 2000, he discovered the spray paints and used them for vandalism. Caught in the act in 2006, he changed most of the vandal painting for legal frescoes and paintings on various media. Some frescoes can be seen in the Ardennes(08), in Vouziers, Rethel but also in the Marne district (51), notably in Reims. Always looking for new techniques and new supports, he also practiced the art of tattooing in 2017 and opened his exhibition workshop in Attigny (08).

Detalhes do lote
Captain Niglo
Título da obra de arte
Hope Street
Acrílico sobre tela
Assinado à mão
Tamanho da imagem
120×40 cm
Dimensões totais
120×40×1,5 cm
Vendido com moldura
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