Publicado em Cerâmica Antropomórfica - Zande Mbitim - Congo DRC

Publicado em Cerâmica Antropomórfica - Zande Mbitim - Congo DRC
1.ª metade do século XX - Vintage - foi utilizado - com sinais óbvios de desgaste

Sale of the 3rd part of the Dery family estate.
The first part was offered for sale in October 2019, the second one in February 2020, all the objects offered have been purchased and most of these are now part of the greatest Italian, Spanish and French collections. The outcome of the sales were worthy of the enthusiasm created around this beautiful collection.

The collection of Mr. Edouard Dery is composed of stunning objects, sometimes with a very interesting provenance, like Merton D. Simpson or the famous merchant H. Kellim Brown, established in the United States and in Belgium.
Mr. Édouard Dery was an antiquarian in Sablon during the 1970s, for about 18 years. The son of Mr. Dery, who is proudly posing on the picture next to the objects of his father's collection, will provide a handwritten document which will be given to the buyer.

As you can see on the attached pictures, there is a beautiful book which was published, it is one of the volumes of a retrospective of the Dery collection printed in 2019.
This book was published in a limited edition by Mr. Dery's son who wanted to collect all his father's works before they were offered for sale.
There are still a few copies of the book available which may be purchased as an extra but there will not be enough for everyone in my opinion.
Some items of this private collection Catawiki sale are visible in the book. Other visible items were sold and others have never been offered for sale.
Some pages of the book are not visible on the attached pictures.

Size: 36 x 19 cm.
Material: Terracotta.

British Museum source:

Water vessels of this kind were devised at the end of the nineteenth century apparently to appeal to European tastes, reflecting the Western obsession with the human form as a privileged subject for artistic expression.

It is often the case in Africa that only males, or post-menopausal females are allowed to make artistic representations of the human form, on pain of loss of natural fertility. Other anthropomorphic pots (that is, in human form) were made in a colonial context where female Mangbetu potters were intermarrying with male Zande potters for the first time. These new pots, then, involved the crossing of quite different cultural views of creativity and gender. This example was made by Mbitim, a male potter.

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Detalhes do lote
Publicado em Cerâmica Antropomórfica
Congo DRC
Zande Mbitim
1.ª metade do século XX
Vintage - foi utilizado - com sinais óbvios de desgaste
Vendido com suporte
36×19×0 cm
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