Hubertus Hierl (1940-) - Pablo Picasso beim Stierkampf in Fréjus (7.8.1966)

Hubertus Hierl (1940-) - Pablo Picasso beim Stierkampf in Fréjus (7.8.1966)
Impressão em gelatina de prata - Assinado - 1966 - 1966

Vintage print (1966) - original photography - artist print on Agfa silver gelatin paper - negative number on the back - title - signed - stamp
The photo shows Pablo Picasso with wife Jacqueline at the bullfight in Fréjus. Picasso has received the cut-off ear of the slain bull and now shows it to the crowd. For Picasso, this gift is a great honour.
Photographer Hubertus Hierl was able to photograph Pablo Picasso with his consent during a bullfight. The photographs show Picasso in an environment that was one of his great themes throughout his life: bullfighting.
Werner Spies, Picasso expert and former director of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, writes in the book “Picasso beim Stierkampf” (Picasso at the Bullfight): „the recordings of Hubertus Hierl show expectation, tension and fear … they show what Picasso sees and feels.“
Now for the first time you have the opportunity to purchase Picasso photos of Hubertus Hierl here at Catawiki for a period of time. - Origin: directly from the artist's stock - authenticity is guaranteed.
Literature and illustration:
Picasso en la plaza de toros. Fotografias de Hubertus Hierl. Fundación Picasso. Museo Casa Natal - Málaga 2006 - cover and p. 66/67

Detalhes do lote
Hubertus Hierl (1940-)
Título da obra de arte
Pablo Picasso beim Stierkampf in Fréjus (7.8.1966)
Impressão em gelatina de prata
Data de impressão
MBC (Muito Bem Conservada)
Impressão vintage
Tamanho da imagem
17×23 cm
Dimensões totais
240×180×1 mm
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