Unique and hand made - Retábulo - 0999 Ouro Puro.

Unique and hand made - Retábulo - 0999 Ouro Puro.
Reino Unido - Moderno.

Masonic Symbols, Freemasonry Gift, Square & Compass.

The square and compass are the tools of an architect, the most recognizable emblem of the fraternity, used in Masonic rituals.

Smelted gold from .9999 PAMP Suisse & Canadian maple leaf gold 1 oz bars and coins.
This insures that you will only receive gold that is 999 purity.
The crucible to make these is only used to melt 999 gold. This insures no contamination with other metals.

1 gram of .9999 gold stamped and shaped and very fine.

Hand smelted, poured and stamped. No two can ever be the same, they are utterly unique.

Can be carried in your pocket, held in the hand, put on display or hidden in a secret place.

Small yet extremely powerful.

Competently packaged and sent in plain packaging with tracking to guarantee a safe and timely arrival.

Detalhes do lote
0999 Ouro Puro.
Unique and hand made
Hand-poured gold bar .9999 fine Freemason Masonic one gram
Período estimado
País de origem
Reino Unido
Como novo - não foi utilizado
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