Rodonita grande de melhor qualidade Esfera - 145×145×145 mm - 6685 g

Rodonita grande de melhor qualidade Esfera - 145×145×145 mm - 6685 g

Leads to more intense experience in all romantic relationships; helps to forgive ourselves and others and overcome lovesickness and grief, promotes a positive attitude and greater emotional independence.
Rhodonite is also called the "heart-touching". It leads to mutual understanding, deepens the feelings of our hearts and gives you strength. Whether we are newly enamoured or enjoying a mature love, whether we align our love with another being or with God, this stone always leads us to a deeper, more intense experience. He brings love relationships of all kinds greater fulfilment. It also promotes our willingness and ability to forgive others, as well as ourselves.
It is a special friend to us in the event of lovesickness, illnesses or grief. If we would like to close our hearts in order to stop feeling the pain, rhodonite can help us to preserve love in us, but to release it from attachment to a particular person, and to approach it in the future with fewer expectations or conditions in terms of relationships. In this way, this stone helps us to have a positive attitude, makes us more independent in our feelings of love, which ultimately allows them to flow more freely, openly and more intensively. Because rhodonite keeps our hearts open and our feelings in flux, it can help prevent trauma from developing emotional shocks as well as physical injuries. It can also help to solve existing traumas.

Stone: Rhodonite
Weight: 6685 g
Dimensions: 145 mm
Treatment: None
Origin: Madagascar

Detalhes do lote
Mineral principal/ Nome do meteorito
Rodonita grande de melhor qualidade
Forma mineral/ Tipos de meteorito
145×145×145 mm
6685 g
Origem (país)
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