Rodonite Forma livre - 10×20×21 cm - 6300 g - (1)

Rodonite Forma livre - 10×20×21 cm - 6300 g - (1)
Itália, Itália

Stunning Rhodonite block worked and partly polished by skilled hands while maintaining its natural shape. A 5-cm deep dig with a 12-cm diameter was carved, perfectly polished.
The workmanship is simply perfect, polished and balanced in the distribution of colour and stains. A true decor item for collectors. Only with the experience gained over time in the choice of unique and perfect minerals to be processed, over the years I have been able to collect unique pieces, now inimitable because of the nowadays lower quality of the raw material, and the extremely high costs.
Unique pieces from my private family collection built during more than 60 years of working with semiprecious stones. The spheres in the photos are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the batch.

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Mineral principal/ Nome do meteorito
Forma mineral/ Tipos de meteorito
Forma livre
10×20×21 cm
6300 g
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