Agfa : AGFA Isolette L + Agfa Isolette V

Agfa : AGFA Isolette L + Agfa Isolette V
câmera dobrável - Bom (usado e em condições de funcionamento com sinais visíveis de uso)

Two Agfa Isolette: V and I

Agfa: AGFA Isolette I

Lens: Agfa Agnar 1:4.5/85 ... 326939.

Folding camera with bellows. The final model of the Isolette series!
Manufacturer: AGFA Kamerawerke, Munich.

Year of production 1957. Specially designed for colour photography, which was quite expensive at the time. That makes it slightly different from the other Isolettes.
Coated lens Color-Apotar f:4.5/85 mm in Pronto (synch.) shutter 25-200 + B.
Integrated, uncoupled exposure meter; selenium cell responds well. Release button of folding mechanism is on the left side.

Two negative formats. Size 6x6 cm, 12 pieces and on 120 roll film. On top of the hood there is a lever to set the negative sizes in the viewfinder.
Blocking double exposures, etc.

With manual.
You can see that the camera has been used, but traces are minimal.
The meter window has been (temporarily) taped shut to conserve the life of the cell.
Agfa Isolette V:
Lens: Varior, Agfa Agnar 1:4.5 f= 85mm, 474681.

NOTE: NOT tested with roll of film but everything runs perfectly.

All photos are part of the description.
Will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail with insurance by PostNL (

Detalhes do lote
Modelo/Tipo n.º
: AGFA Isolette L + Agfa Isolette V
Tipo de objeto/dispositivo
câmera dobrável
Bom (usado e em condições de funcionamento com sinais visíveis de uso)
N.º de dispositivos principais
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