Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR) Teodolit "2Т30" (1986) USSR.

Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR) Teodolit "2Т30" (1986) USSR.
equipamento de levantamento terrestre - Muito bom (usado e em condições de funcionamento com pequenos sinais de uso)

I am not an expert surveyor, my direction is photography, so a priori I can’t guarantee full performance due to the lack of qualifications and testing of equipment in the field, close to the parameters and characteristics of use. I describe what I see and feel, and you draw your own conclusions.

Functionality: gives the impression of a fully functional tool - viewfinder lenses are clean, visibility is excellent, the viewfinder's visibility is good - without distortion, the focusing work is smooth and pleasant. Focus is bright, distinct and sharp. Horizontal and vertical movements relative to the coordinate axes work smoothly and pleasantly. A native protective cap is present.

Theodolite is designed to measure angles in theodolite and total station passages, with a breakdown of planned and high-altitude survey networks for measuring distances using a filament range finder of a telescope, determining magnetic azimuths from a reference compass, and also for leveling out a horizontal beam using a level at the tube. Inverted telescope. In the theodolite, the vertical axis system is repetitive, counting is carried out on one side of the limb using a scale microscope. Theodolite's peculiarity is small weight and size, the main parts are protected from dust and water splashes, the theodolite can be centered over a point using a telescope, the bottom of the case is at the same time the base of the theodolite's stand, which allows you to pack it without removing it from the tripod.

- Wed sq. measurement error of mountains. angle in one step - 20 ″;
- cf. sq. measurement error vert. angle in one step - 30 ″;
- increase in the telescope - 20x; <
- the angle of the field of view of the telescope - 2 °;
- limits of sight - 1.2 m to infinity;
- the outer diameter of the lens barrel is 38 mm;
- the price of division of limbs - 1 °;
- the division price of the microscope scales is 5 ';
- the price of dividing the level ("/ 2 mm) with the Alidade GK - 45";
- the price of dividing the level ("/ 2 mm) with alidade VK - 20";

Detalhes do lote
Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR)
Modelo/Tipo n.º
Teodolit "2Т30" (1986) USSR.
Tipo de objeto/dispositivo
equipamento de levantamento terrestre
Muito bom (usado e em condições de funcionamento com pequenos sinais de uso)
N.º de dispositivos principais
Em bom estado de funcionamento
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