Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR) Teodolit "ТН" (1964) USSR.

Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR) Teodolit "ТН" (1964) USSR.
equipamento de levantamento terrestre - Muito bom (usado e em condições de funcionamento com pequenos sinais de uso)

I am not an expert surveyor, my direction is photography, so a priori I can’t guarantee full performance due to the lack of qualifications and testing of equipment in the field, close to the parameters and characteristics of use. I describe what I see and feel, and you draw your own conclusions.

Functionality: gives the impression of a fully functional tool - viewfinder lenses are clean, visibility is excellent, the viewfinder's visibility is good - without distortion, the focusing work is smooth and pleasant. Focus is bright, distinct and sharp. Horizontal and vertical movements relative to the coordinate axes work smoothly and pleasantly. There is no protective cap or carrying case.

Theodolite - TN level developed on the initiative of the Moscow City Geodetic Trust on the basis of the TT-5 theodolite, produced in a limited edition, and differs from it in that, along with measuring angles, it can also level with a horizontal beam. Theodolite-level, designed for urban filming and surveys during construction. Theodolite is available with an optical plummet, which allows you to quickly and conveniently center the instrument over a point of terrain. The need to ensure accuracy sufficient for leveling the IV discharge caused the development of a telescope pointing device assembly specifically for this theodolite.

The standard deviation of angle measurement in one step does not exceed - 15 ".
Spotting scope:
- increase - 25.5X;
- field of view 1 ° 25 ′;
- the diameter of the exit pupil is 1.35 mm;
- focal length of the lens - 200 mm;
- coefficient of the rangefinder K = 100;
limits of focusing - from 2 m to infinity.
Reference system:
- working diameter of the horizontal circle - 100 mm;
- working diameter of the vertical circle - 72 mm;
- the price of the smallest division of the limbs is 10 ′;
- the accuracy of the verniers is 30 ″;
- increase in loops - 11x.

Detalhes do lote
Military Plant No. 217 (Sverdlovsk, USSR)
Modelo/Tipo n.º
Teodolit "ТН" (1964) USSR.
Tipo de objeto/dispositivo
equipamento de levantamento terrestre
Muito bom (usado e em condições de funcionamento com pequenos sinais de uso)
N.º de dispositivos principais
Em bom estado de funcionamento
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