Philips - BX690A - Rádio a válvulas

Philips - BX690A - Rádio a válvulas
excelente estado - Número de artigos: 1 - Incluindo: Rádio a válvulas - Renovado

Very beautiful, powerful and fully restored Philips classic.
Cabinet completely made blank, re-coloured, and protected with transparent high gloss lacquer. Some very slight traces of wear/old age remain visible from nearby.
Bakelite parts polished and protected with transparent high gloss lacquer.
Repainted the speaker grille in ivory white.
Speaker cloth replaced.
Replaced all high voltage-bearing capacitors and some expired resistors.
Power cord has ben replaced.
Power transformer replacement due to malfunction: only usable on 220-240VAC.
Mechanical parts cleaned and lubricated.
EM4 "Magical Eye" replaced by a more robust and affordable Russian 6E5C.
AZ1 rectifier replaced by robust silicon diodes, adaptive resistance and extra smoothing. The defective tube itself was disconnected and retained because of the visual aspect
8 Wavelengths: LG, MG and KG (divided into 6 part bands)
When selecting the frequency band, the glass transmitter scale goes up or down.
Lettering transmitter scale on top slightly faded/erased.
Good reception of all wavelengths with long (outdoor) antennas and grounding in interference-free environment.
Output power 8 watts thanks to the balance-end stage.
Connection for phono (or AUCX) and external speaker (min 5 ohms) by means of banana plugs.
Tube setting: AZ1 (out of action)-ECH21-EAF42-EAF42-EL41-EL41-6E5C (EM4)
Dimensions: W 630 * H 355 * D 255 - Weight 15kg.
Shipping or pickup in the Waregem area.

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Rádio a válvulas
excelente estado
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17 kg
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