Trilobite Completo - Extremamente Raro - Gondwanaspis (Taemasaspis) mrirtensis

Trilobite Completo - Extremamente Raro - Gondwanaspis (Taemasaspis) mrirtensis
Devonian - Frasnian - Jbel Issoumour, Marrocos

This very rare trilobite has only recently been described (Feist, 2002). There has been some discussion about the name. It has been suggested by others that this genus might actually be Taemasaspis, but actual proof for this seems to be missing.

This is a very unusual odontopleurid that you will rarely see in trilobite collections. Finding one in the quality, and prepped as well as this one, is truly exceptional.

G. Taemasaspis was also special because it is the last known odontopleurid trilobite still alive during the Frasnian/Famenian Great Extinction Event.

Size Gondwanaspis: 3.7 x 2.8 cm.
This is an astonishing piece

100% authentic, no restoration!
Buy with confidence.

At this moment, we are building an online encyclopedia on Devonian trilobites from Morocco. All funds from this auction will go to this project. Thanks for your support.

Detalhes do lote
Trilobite Completo
Extremamente Raro
Nome científico
Gondwanaspis (Taemasaspis) mrirtensis
Jbel Issoumour, Marrocos
Período geológico
Devonian - Frasnian
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