* NOVO * Coquina Mão polida. Chama do formulário / - 200×100×90 mm - 1596 g - (1)

* NOVO * Coquina Mão polida. Chama do formulário / - 200×100×90 mm - 1596 g - (1)

*** NEW ***

New mineral from Madagascar called:.... Coquina

Coquina is a sedimentary rock from the Davonian period to the more recent Pleistocene period

This period includes 60 million years (from 358 to 419 mil years ago)

It can contain "Trilobites/Brachiopods/and other invertebrates as well as shells and mussels.

For the collector this is a unique opportunity to expand their collection with this new polished stone species from Madagascar.


Height: 200 mm
Width: 100 mm

Weight: 1596 grams

Pictures were taken with camera flash

Will be sent by registered mail including Track & Trace.


Sedimentary rock is the only rock in which fossils occur.

Fossils are remnants or prints of dead organisms. I

In nature, dead organisms are usually not preserved for long: by scavengers and bacteria, rot and erosion, most carcasses will disappear quickly.

They can, however, be preserved: for example, if there is a rapid sedimentation or anoxic conditions so that no rot can take place, or if the organism had a rigid skeleton.

Larger and well-preserved fossils are relatively rare.

Most sedimentary rocks contain fossils, although they may only be visible through a microscope (so-called micro-fossils) or hand lens.

Note: The coaster of petrified wood is not included in the auction and will NOT be delivered !!

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Mineral principal/ Nome do meteorito
* NOVO * Coquina
Forma mineral/ Tipos de meteorito
Mão polida. Chama do formulário /
200×100×90 mm
1596 g
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