Morondavita / Polido à mão / Forma Chama / - 155×110×80 mm - 1520 g - (1)

Morondavita / Polido à mão / Forma Chama / - 155×110×80 mm - 1520 g - (1)

Morondavite Flame,

Morondavite is a recently (re) discovered mineral from Madagascar.

This mineral is a combination of the following minerals: Chalcedony / Rock-crystal / Agate / Jasper.

In English it is called Patchwork Jasper.

By the different minerals a beautiful colour play occurs.


Height: 155 mm
Width: 110 mm

Weight: 1520 grams.

Info: Morondavite was used in the past by the Kingdom of Imeria of the people Merina in Madagascar for various healings of, among others,

* Relieve headaches.
* In case of problems with the intestines
* The stone calms if one is restless
* Provides balance in your life
* The stone stimulates all of your organs
* Against local pain
* The stone makes you open to LOVE.

Healers and therapists are very excited about the healing qualities of this newly (re) discovered mineral

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Detalhes do lote
Número de itens
Mineral principal/ Nome do meteorito
Morondavita /
Forma mineral/ Tipos de meteorito
Polido à mão / Forma Chama /
155×110×80 mm
1520 g
Origem (país)
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