Hugo Erfurth (1874-1948) - Portrait of Kapellmeister Gustav Grossmann

Hugo Erfurth (1874-1948) - Portrait of Kapellmeister Gustav Grossmann
Impressão em gelatina de prata, Cartão real da foto - Selo do artista

Portrait of Kapellmeister Gustav Grossmann taken by Hugo Erfurth in 1921.
Vintage silver gelatin photo in beautiful matte finish on chamois paper. excellent condition. only very small signs of age.
There is a blindstamp of the photographer and additional the photo is signed and dated by the sitter in 1921.
Portrait is photographed in typical manner, as he did portrait people and is easy to identify as his work.
Very attractive and well preserved example of his work. Unique.

Hugo Erfurth (14 October 1874 – 14 February 1948) was a German photographer known for his portraits of celebrities and cultural figures of the early twentieth century.
He became a member of the German Werkbund and was appointed an honorary member of the London's Royal Photographic Society and of Munich's Süddeutsche Photographen-Verein. He married Helene Reuther in 1898 and fathered three children over the next 6 years. He photographed for the Royal Playhouse in Dresden from 1913–1919.[1]

During this time, Dresden was home to a cultural elite that included Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Paul Klee, and Oskar Kokoschka. These artists and writers, who considered Erfurth their creative equal, frequented his studio to have their portraits taken. He also photographed opera and dance performers, did work in industrial photography, and experimented with photograms and photomontage.[7]

In 1922, Erfurth opened a gallery under the name "Graphisches Kabinett Hugo Erfurth" with an exhibition of works by Oskar Kokoschka. In 1925, works by Emil Nolde were shown and the exhibition "7 Bauhaus Masters" was organized, with works by Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, among others.

Detalhes do lote
Hugo Erfurth (1874-1948)
Título da obra de arte
Portrait of Kapellmeister Gustav Grossmann
Cartão real da foto, Impressão em gelatina de prata
Selo do artista
Impressão vintage
Tamanho da imagem
137×87 mm
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