Dirk de Herder (1914-2003) - Leiden straatscene met kinderen en grammofoon, 1956

Dirk de Herder (1914-2003) - Leiden straatscene met kinderen en grammofoon, 1956
Desenvolver pressão de gelatina - Assinado, Selo do artista

Beautiful large print of an attractive, vivid street image in Leiden. Signed and stamped on the backside, in pencil titled and dated; Leiden 1956.

Dirk de Herder (1914 - 2003) called himself a 'wizard of light'. His classic black & white photographs have been popular ever since 1946, when his first book about Amsterdam was published (now a classic at photobook auctions by itself). His images of the old centre of Amsterdam and later, in the same style, Stockholm and Paris were influenced by Brassaï, with whom he corresponded, exchanged books and prints. As a photographer he was also acquainted with COBRA, whose members he regularly photographed (and published in another book). For VARA television, a Dutch broadcasting company, he photographed many celebrities for the television program guides. But his hart was always with his free work. He made many more books, 'Never travel without a Suitcase full of Dreams' (80 photographs, for his 80th birthday) and 'Flashback' (about his life), were among the last.

Back has been attached to the mat with tape.


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Detalhes do lote
Dirk de Herder (1914-2003)
Título da obra de arte
Leiden straatscene met kinderen en grammofoon, 1956
Desenvolver pressão de gelatina
Assinado, Selo do artista
Impressão vintage
Impressa mais tarde
Tamanho da imagem
40.4×30.5 cm
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