Anoniem - Speeding ticket

Anoniem - Speeding ticket
Polaroid - Não assinado - 1979

Very rare polaroid of a speed offense in Budapest 1979.
A not so beloved image for the recipient. Usually, for understandable reason, these images were destroyed.
The measured speed of 76km/h is neatly in the image.

The photo has probably been located in a drawer for decades and has some traces of it. Some discolouration and pinholes of staples.

Newly framed in a beautiful black wooden frame with double mat.


Media Partnership Catawiki / Dialogue

Catawiki is proud to present Dialogue as this year’s media partner.
Catawiki decided to collaborate with Dialogue on a special Dialogue auction.
All exhibitors have been asked to submit photographs for this auction.
All of the selected photographs will be exhibited at Dialogue on the last day of this auction at the Dialogue event the 21st of September. We will physically present all lots at view that day at Dialogue.

Please feel invited to visit the Dialogue Vintage Photography event in Amsterdam on 21 September. There will be no entrance fee.
You will be able to find more information when searching online for Dialogue Vintage Photography Amsterdam.

Detalhes do lote
Título da obra de arte
Speeding ticket
Não assinado
Data de impressão
Impressão vintage
Tamanho da imagem
85×140 mm
Dimensões totais
300×400×0 mm
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