Holanda - Rijwielbelasting plaatjes 1930/1940 (32 stuks) - Latão

Holanda - Rijwielbelasting plaatjes 1930/1940 (32 stuks) - Latão
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The Netherlands - Cycle Tax plates 1930/1940 - 32 pieces - Brass.

Collection with 32 pieces of various Cycle Tax Plates. All in neat collectible quality and packaged individually. Struck at the 'Rijksmunt' (Royal Dutch Mint) in Utrecht. The designs are by J.C. Wienecke (who also designed various Dutch coins from that time) and W.C. Rozendaal.

General information:
Colijn implemented the cycle tax as Minister of Finance. He said, 'A regrettable but necessary step in light of the woeful condition of the treasury'. At this point in time, the Netherlands counted over 1.7 million taxable bicycles. The tax applied to the bicycle, not to its owner. To prove that the bike's tax was paid, a cycle plate had to be attached on or near the handlebar. These plates were struck at the Royal Dutch Mint and could be bought at the post office for three guilders. The money was initially partially and later fully transferred to the Road Fund. Due to the large number of thefts of cycle plates people were also allowed to visibly wear them on the left chest so they would not be left unattended at the bike when it was parked from 1933 onwards. The tax rate was lowered to fl. 2.50 in 1927 when the annual revenue of this type of tax exceeded a million guilders. In times of crisis the unemployed were able to get a free cycle plate, whereby these plates were punched with a round hole for validation purposes as it was prohibited to ride a bike on Sundays with a freely distributed plate.

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Detalhes do lote
Valor nominal 2
Rijwielbelasting plaatjes
Ano / Período e Variação
1930/1940 (32 stuks)
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