Pedra fênix natural bola - 84×84×84 mm - 903 g - (1)

Pedra fênix natural bola - 84×84×84 mm - 903 g - (1)

This stone is a master integrator, specifically addressing issues of discord. Also known as the "Phoenix Rising" stone, it assists in the spiritual evolution of humanity, not only as an individual, but as a whole as well. It is a powerful mineral of transformation and healing in all areas. Melds the heart and throat chakras so that one may truly speak from the heart. Provides peace, joy and acceptance. Eliminates negative attributes(anger, hate, etc.) Chant or simply place this Phoenix Stone near you to benefit from all the gemstone properties.

Detalhes do lote
Número de itens
Mineral principal/ Nome do meteorito
Pedra fênix natural
Forma mineral/ Tipos de meteorito
84×84×84 mm
903 g
Origem (país)
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