Ben Gulak - Money Heist - La Casa De Papel

Ben Gulak - Money Heist - La Casa De Papel
Acrílico sobre tela - Assinado à mão - 2019

I've been living in France for the summer working on some new pieces and naturally got completely hooked on the Netflix show Money Heist (I walk past a big Netflix Poster every morning lol). I had this idea for a piece combining The famous Joker Interrogation Scene from A Dark Knight and blending it with the Dali Gang. 2 revolutionaries trying to f*ck up the system a bit. This is the smaller version to a big canvas going to my gallery in Switzerland. Enjoy, it was a really fun concept and I enjoyed making it while watching the show

Ben's work is displayed and collected worldwide. He is represented in +15 international art galleries including Tel Aviv, London, Venice Gstaad, Miami and NYC. Gulak has been an artist exhibitor at Scope Miami 2018 and 2017 as well as presenting artwork at Art Palm Beach, Red Dot Miami and Yoho's Shanghai Flagship Event and Popeye's 90th anniversary event in Beijing

About The Artist:

My artwork represents a coming of age and reflections of of our current times. The desire to chase what appears to be the good life, coveting money, power, loss of innocence and searching for happiness where it can’t always be found. I draw inspiration from pop culture, hip hop, friends and life experiences. The Cookie monster was always my favourite character from Sesame Street, mainly for his unbridled love and enthusiasm for cookies and carefree attitude. My paintings represent our inner Cookie Monsters, un-restrained and unapologizing for just wanting to be a little wild and “kooky”.

Detalhes do lote
Ben Gulak
Título da obra de arte
Money Heist - La Casa De Papel
Acrílico sobre tela
Assinado à mão
Tamanho da imagem
24×36 in
Vendido com moldura
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