1 pcs Morganite - 2.20 ct

1 pcs Morganite - 2.20 ct
Oval - SANS

Family: BERYL
Cut/shape: OVAL
Weight: 2.2 ct
Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.36 x 5.25
Colour: peach pink
Transparency: SI
Treatment: no known treatment
Country of origin: Brazil

Trade: an extensive and rigorously-selected network.
- Purchase/sale of rough or cut gemstones from the most beautiful deposits.
- Reduced intermediaries to guarantee prices consistent with the market and the competition.
- Knowledge of the habits and customs of local traders.
- Sale/purchase possible in lots or individually of common or exceptional gemstones, destined both for private individuals and professionals.

Expertise: gemstone evaluation
- Always up to date with the latest in gemmology and science thanks to careful monitoring (specialist journals, internet, auctions...).
- Graduate of the Institut National de Gemmologie of Paris with a specialisation in diamonds at the HRD Antwerp.

The stones have been carefully chosen for you.
Here are a few definitions to understand the descriptions of the stones on offer:

• IF = Loupe clean - No inner flaws or, inner flaws of 5 microns or less.
• VVS = very small inclusions.
• VS = small inclusions, inclusions visible under 10x magnification but easy to spot subsequently.
• SI = small inclusions, visible to the naked eye but they have no impact on the gem's shine.
• P = Piqué (spotted) - inclusions visible to the naked eye on the crown, loss of the stone's shine.
• Transparent = a stone having the property of transmitting light without showing great diffusion.
• Translucent = allows light to pass through, but not transparent.
• Opaque = doesn't allow light to pass through.

Detalhes do lote
N.º de pedras
Peso total em quilates
Corte e forma
Sem indicação de tratamentos
Transparência / clareza
Translúcido (com algumas inclusões)
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