Leilão de tapetes orientais

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Gijs Hamming

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Richard Ebbers

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Kasmir - 151 x 91 cm - India

Beautiful, virtually unused condition - 'Finely knotted and rug with silk' - With certificate - 2nd half previous century - approx. 420,000 knots per m² - Hand-knotted Mais

Meshkin Kurdish Iran 130 × 250 cm

Of very high quality. The carpets are dense and thin. They convey a feeling of genuine nomad handiwork. They are mostly made in smaller sizes and with a lively pattern. Mais

Nain India 255 × 355 cm

Genuine, magnificent, hand-knotted oriental carpet, Indo Nain Qom, 255 × 355 cm, Made in India, very good condition, hand-knotted oriental carpet Indo Nain Mais

Sarough Mir, 295 x 85 cm, India

Genuine Persian carpet, Sarouk. The Sarouk carpet is well-known for its high quality and is referred to as an heirloom carpet that can withstand very heavy use. Mais

Gabbeh - 300 x 83 cm - India

"Oriental runner in Mint condition" - with certificate. - Second half previous century - approx. 60,000 knots per m² - Hand-knotted. Mais

Sarouk Ziegler, Pakistan- 158 x 93 cm

√ 100% guaranteed hand knotted √ Very good used condition √ Unique floral design √ High quality √ Knot density: approx. 400 000 kn/m2 √ Professionally cleaned about a year ago Mais

Soumak Kilim Russia 170 x 240 cm

With certificate. KILIM. The manufacture of kilims is based on centuries of tradition. Originally handwoven by nomads for personal use. The kilim distinguishes itself due to having no pile and a weft on both sides. Mais

Sarough - 298 x 208 cm - India.

Oriental rug in antique pink - in beautiful, used condition" - with certificate - second half last century - approx. 250,000 knots per m² - hand-knotted. Mais

Gabbeh - 209 x 200 cm - India

'Square Oriental rug - 100% Wool - In beautiful condition' - With certificate - 2nd half previous century - approx. 60,000 knots per m² - Hand-knotted Mais

Sarough - 315 x 255 cm - India.

Large oriental carpet in brick - second half of the previous century - in beautiful, used condition - with certificate - approx. 120,000 knots per m² - wool/cotton - hand-knotted. Mais

Antique boteh Kazakh, Caucasus - 225 x 100 cm

Gorgeous hand-knotted rug with a special Kazakh design + Very old Kazakh; 19th century + Wonderful Kazakh design + Old patina with rich abrash + Minimal restoration + Valuable and popular collector's item + With certificate Mais

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